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World Diabetes Day 2020

NOVEMBER 14 2020

World Diabetes Day  2020
Sakalya Ayurveda, Dr Aditya Manu

The world is projected to have 552 million diabetic people in 2030 by the IDF !!

As another ‘World Diabetes Day’ sweeps past us here’s reminding you that diabetes is not a new age disease. Rather its something that has been dealt by the pioneers of Ayurveda aeons ago.

As already established by now, type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. Almost 96% of adult diabetes is Type 2 diabetes.

Years of diabetic research have identified several risk factors that when modified can possibly reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes development in a person, viz:

• obesity 

• physical inactivity

• diet quality 

• smoking 

• hypertension

• abnormal cholesterol levels 

Despite trying to control these factors, over the years, the number of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are rising alarmingly. This has led researchers to another potential threatening factor that can contribute to the development of diabetes over a period of time.

Its nothing but STRESS !!

Its not the immediate physiologic response to stress by the body that creates this condition. Rather if there is any stress factor, be it at the work place or at home, that is constantly triggering the body’s stress responses, then they can in the long run be a very strong cause for evolution of diabetes in that individual. 

Many centuries ago, Ayurveda recorded that Prameha(having similarities to diabetes) is a disease that affects the ‘OJAS’ or elan vital of the body. A disease affecting ojas is not a small affair. There are many reasons for creating abnormalities in the ojas of which stress in the form of aggressive behaviour, depressive attitude etc are front runners.

The ayurvedic approach towards Type 2 diabetes is :

• NOT by lowering blood sugar levels.

• Assessment of type of abnormality at the fundamental level of the three bio-forces(tridoshas) and tissues 

•Starting the treatment process by rectifiying the deranged agni(metabolic errors)

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